17 May 2022

Little Gems

I don't have a vegetable garden as such here at our new home so I'm having to make do with containers. The one in the picture is twenty four inches across and I've grown seven Little Gem lettuce in it, we already had one. If I was growing a bigger variety I would reduce that amount to five or maybe four. As you can see they are doing very well. 

4 May 2022

Elite Titan K800 Greenhouse Assembly.

 At the weekend Fallon and I were busy erecting the new Elite Titan K800 leanto greenhouse from Gardensite. It arrived a few weeks ago but has been in storage while we waited to have a base laid professionally, also the garage wall where the leanto is to be sited needed some work doing to it to square it up. So as it's important to have everything square and true I thought it best to get it done properly.

Everything went pretty much as expected, it was a bit like doing a jigsaw without much of a picture so the hard part was to identify the parts, once this was done it was quite easy to figure out where they went. I have had some experience of erecting greenhouses in the past so some of the bits and terms used were familiar to me. Daughter Fallon was in charge of instructions and she did a good job, especially as they weren't all that clear sometimes.

Below is a picture of the front with the opening for the double doors.

Here we have the front and ends assembled and joined together ready to be fastened to the wall and the base after the roof parts have been added. Timothy - Michael is taking a break after sorting out the roof spars.
This is how far we got to on the first day of assembly, this picture being taken the next morning before starting on finishing the glazing. The glazing was easy enough to do, there was a good glazing plan to work from and even though some of the sheets of glass on the roof were something like eight feet long we managed it with ease and so got on well until the third pane from the end which is when disaster struck. We picked up the five foot sheet of glass the same as we had done with all the others before it, took two steps and the whole thing just fell to pieces on the garage floor.
You can see from the picture below how far we got. The sheets of glass had been leaning up against the bags of compost and had been put there by the delivery guy. It was toughened glass which is why it broke the way it did. As to why it broke is a mystery to us.