25 December 2015

Christmas Decorations

Here are some of our Christmas decorations for this year, all of which are Vicki's handy work.

The nativity set on the dresser.
Note the lampshade, you will spot the same design on the wall on another picture, Vicki made the shade out of left over wall paper.

The tree on the mantle over the fireplace.
Note the wall paper.

A small basket by the fireplace.

This years Christmas tree in the sitting room.

The kitchen window sill.

The window at the top of the stairs.
Merry Christmas to you all.

24 December 2015

The Illusive Christmas Present.

People ask, 'what would you like for Christmas'?
Or maybe, 'What can I get you for a Christmas present'?
I can tell they get frustrated when I don't answer.
The truth is there is only one thing I really want for Christmas but there is no one who can give it to me so why cause upset by saying what it is?

1 December 2015

Sale Day.

Today is the sale in London of some of the contents of the hall. If anyone is interested you can see what is being sold and the price it makes by clicking [HERE].

According to the two people that left recently this is all part of the bosses plans to sell up in five years time. It's not the first time that this rumour as surfaced but the boss has always denied it. It makes you wonder about the smoke and fire saying though doesn't it.