31 August 2010

Wait till Friday.

Tommy thanks you for your comments and say that if you think fetching beer is smart wait until Friday! Also well done to those who spotted his limp. He does it for sympathy. He thinks that if he puts on a limp he won't get asked to fetch the beer! In actual fact the vet says he has arthritis due to an old injury to his right front leg. It comes and goes depending on how fast he needs to get to the treats cupboard.

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29 August 2010

Race day.

Today the F1 racing started after the summer break so me and Tom have had an exciting afternoon, Lewis Hamilton won which was an added bonus. We spared a thought for our blog pals though and made you a little video which I will post later on my main blog. We're going for a little walk now though.

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22 August 2010

Clumber Park.

Today we have been for a picnic in Clumber Park which is on the way to my parents house which is where are now.

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18 August 2010

Some Merlot For Jim.

I just took these pix for my friend Jim. He has a very interesting blog so why not take a look as I'm sure he would be pleased to see you, just click [Here].

I'll save these for next time you're over Jim - better keep of the escalators afterwards thought!!!

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17 August 2010


I took this picture of Tommy posing by the Sunflowers today. The family have gone back to London so he came to help me in the garden. They know I take him to work but its best if I keep him out of the way when they are around as they sometimes come round with their own dogs.

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15 August 2010

Thanks To All.

I would like to thank all for their thoughts over our loss of Tippy. I have to confess to being very upset by it all. I still can't believe what a big hole a little dog can leave in ones life. I miss her even more than most family members who have passed away in times past. I guess in a way that is understandable considering for ten years we were hardly separated both in work and play. I'm sure that in time things will become easier and maybe one day I will do something special for her on here. Of course the real saviour in all this upset is Tommy without whom the everything would have been almost unbearable.

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7 August 2010

Rock Garden.

The White Garden.

Rose Garden.

Memorial Garden.

Newby Hall.

British Summer Time.

We need the rain - right?


We had a nice walk around the sculpture trail this morning and have just had our picnic from a shoe box. Actually we left the box in the car and just took the sandwiches in a bag. Now its throwing it down with rain so we are sheltering in the car. Hopefully its only a shower and we can proceed to the gardens shortly.

Boxing Hares Sculpture.

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Long Horn Sculpture.

One of the sculpture from the sculpture park.

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First Stop.

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Picnic's At The Ready.

We are taking a picnic with us today, our picnic hamper being an old shoe box.

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2 August 2010

Nasty Bite.

I'm pleased to report that Tommy is suffering from nothing more than a nasty insect bite to his leg. He has got to take some tablets which should help to clear up the infection.

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Another Trip To The Vets.

Later today we have to make another trip to the vets, this time with Tommy who has developed a problem with one of his back legs. I will tell you more about it after speaking to the vet.

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Church At Hawes.

I didn't get chance to post this picture yesterday as I didn't have a signal at Hawes which is where the picture was taken.

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1 August 2010


A little waterfall we called at on the way to Hawes. This is Tommy heaven because we enjoyed a nice walk at the end of which was all this lovely water to splash around in.

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Time For A Paddle.

The river Eden at Appleby and Tommy having a paddle.

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This is where we stayed last night in a place called Appleby. Its a nice enough place famous for its horse fair.

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