10 July 2022

A Bit Of Hay Making.

 Today the weather has been very warm right from early on in the morning.

First thing after breakfast I usually take Timothy - Michael for a walk. This morning on passing the farm just up the road from us we came upon Norman unloading some hay from a trailer to the barn. So as he was alone I took the opportunity to offer to help which he accepted. So for the first time in years I climbed up onto the trailer and threw off the bales of hay into the barn for Norman to stack. Once completed Timmy and I continued our walk.

The rest of the day was not so active and we spent a lot of time sitting around, mostly in the shade. Days like this are a good time to admire the garden and maybe plan some things for the future. Below we are both enjoying the shade while I admire the garden.

Another job I have been doing on a Sunday is to feed all the pot plants. of which there are many. I feed the flowering and fruiting plants with a potash feed and the green plants such and the banana trees with Miracle gro. It takes over an hour as we have a lot of plants in pots but it seems to be paying off.

Also yesterday afternoon I watched the Grand Prix from Austria.


ellen abbott said...

Looks like you've done quite a bit on the new place since you last posted.

Rob said...

Yes you are right, more than what I intended really as it's really a retirement project for me.