11 July 2022

Access Is Fully Restored.

 Today has been super warm so much so it's been hard to achieve much in the gardens.

First of all I would like to apologise for my lack of response to your comments, all of which I like to try and at least acknowledge. A while back I was getting some spam comments so I made it so that I needed to verify them before being published but I went and forgot I'd done it so I was just thinking that no one was commenting. Then today I realised what was happening. Anyway I've now published all your comments so thank you, I really do appreciate your interaction.

I'm back at work now for the next four days and after the heat of the past few days I was keen to take a walk around the gardens to see how things were coping. There are plenty of sweet peas on offer, none of which will be picked I'm sorry to say. Sadly the days of the big house enjoying produce from its gardens are long gone and I fear never to return.

I also noticed that the crop of peaches is coming on well and I think soon there will be some worthy of picking.

I got a message this afternoon informing me that Lady Gaga has left the building and that my access to the gardens has been fully restored.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I love to see Sweet Pea's climbing their way, they remind me of my grandma's garden.
So many beautiful colors.

ellen abbott said...

It's been so hot and dry that the peach crop was small in size and quantity in the Hill Country.

Not allowed to tend the gardens while Lady Gaga was there?

Rob said...

People are surprised when I plant the Sweet Pea against a north facing wall but they like the fact that their roots always have some moisture and their flowers don't get dried out by the hot sun and even more so this year as it's turned out. Sweet Peas remind me of my grandparents too Jo.

Rob said...

Yes, that's right Ellen. Not only was I banished for two weeks but I was only given one day's notice to prepare beforehand. That reminded me actually. I keep meaning to put some water on the peach tree but keep forgetting. There's just so many things crying out for water at the moment I can't get round everything.