24 April 2024

Charlotte & Cara

A bitterly cold wind from the north this morning. Some showers later.

I have a few unwanted seedlings so this morning I pricked some out into old fruit containers to grow on. If they're looking okay at the time of the next village garden club meeting I will send them down there for them to pick over. So that was the job for this morning.

A few of the seedlings for the garden club.

After lunch I planted the seed potatoes. Even though I now have a veg garden I still decided to grow them in buckets. This year though I am just using soil from the garden as I've been having trouble with them making too much top growth. I think some of the potting compost has a lot of nitrogen in it which can be okay for certain things but not for growing potatoes, we will see though. I am growing Charlotte as a second early/salad potato and Cara as a maincrop. I'm starting Charlotte off under the greenhouse bench and Cara outdoors in the bigger buckets.

Cara & Charlotte potatoes. The buckets will be topped up with soil as the plants grow.


ellen abbott said...

I'm growing white and red potatoes in tubs but only two. I buy potting soil and composted peat and generally add half a bag of compost to a full bag of potting soil. now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have added the compost. I guess I'll have to see how many potatoes I get.

Rob said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much Ellen. I'm not even sure if it was the compost just that something caused them to have massive tops and little in the way of potatoes so that's made me think they got too much nitrogen somewhere along the way.