29 April 2024

Plum Tree Planting.

 Dry and a little warmer.

Today I have been over helping out with a few jobs at Lynettes.

First off I dug over a bed and planted a couple of plum trees, both of which were well pot bound.

Tidying a bed ready for Plum tree planting.

I then took the dead heads off the Daffodils which for the most part have finished flowering. After this I took out a few weeds in the drive just to finish off the morning. After lunch I pruned a shrub by the Laurel hedge, it got left in the winter because it had a few flowers on it. I then finished off the afternoon by going through one of the borders taking out weeds and working the soil.

As always they were very appreciative of my help and said they had been taking note and have come to the conclusion that they now have the best garden in the village. I'm sure there are some just as good but if they say that then I think it probably shows they are happy with what I've done.

Vicki called me in the morning to say that the washing machine has stopped working so fixing that is going to be a pain.

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