23 April 2024

Move Along Please.

 Started the day damp and cold. Became brighter later.

I caught a pidgeon making eyes at my pea row this morning, it got moved on pretty rapid.

I pricked out one tray of Foxgloves and two of Nicotiana seedlings to be grown on in the greenhouse for a few weeks.

After lunch I cut and edged the lawns with the little mower, the ground being too wet for the big mower.


Jim said...

Your pigeon said, "fair game here." The squirrels here ate our little love bird couple's eggs. Bad.

Rob said...

Hi Jim,I hope you're keeping well.
Thankfully the pigeon hasn't been back. Yes for sure squirrels will take the birds eggs as will rats and also some other birds such as magpies and crows. I even saw crows taking little ducklings once.