20 April 2024

New Ensette Maurelli Plant.

 A bright but cold start to the day. Still quite breezy at times.

Whilst on this morning's dog walk we passed the pony out on the lane outside of Norman's. It seems to be out of the field more than it's in of late.

This morning I did some watering and feeding with liquid feed some of the plants in the greenhouse. I also rearranged some plants while I was at it.

I also took delivery of a new ornamental banana plant. I've had one like it for a few years now but I'm not confident that it's survived the winter so thought I would get a new one just in case.

I finished of the day by watering and feeding the plants in the house and conservatory.

As it was a nice evening I got the bike out and cycled into the village and back.


Susan Heather said...

Rob, it was only yesterday I was wondering about you (and other bloggers who have not blogged for a while) and this morning I find not one but 6 posts from you. It is good to see you getting on with your spring planting while I am preparing for winter. That banana with the reddish leaves is delightful. We bought some bananas at the supermarket on Saturday only to notice a bunch with some ripe ones yesterday. So much nicer than the supermarket ones. WE now have a feast so I took some to a neighbour. I am looking forward to following your garden over your summer.

Rob said...

Hello Susan, I must confess to neglecting my blogging of late. The original reasons for blogging have for the most part gone I feel, so I have been looking for other reasons in the hope it will motivate me more. I don't know what they do to supermarket food that makes it so tasteless.